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The constellation under which a man is born determines his nature and fate, and constellations as well determine the life span of nations The active intellect knows the astrological order, from the most general form of the constellations to their last specification, which in turn contains all of the conditions of occurrence of a particular event.

Thus, when a prophet deals with the destiny of a particular person or human group, he receives from the active intellect a knowledge of the order of the constellations, and with sufficient precision to enable him to predict its fate in full detail This astrological determinism has only one limitation.

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The free will of man could shatter the course of action ordained for him by the stars; prophecy could therefore predict the future on the basis of astrological determination only insofar as the free will of man does not break through the determined course of things. Gersonides believed astrology to be a science that predicts events according to set laws of nature albeit, a different set than the ones we are used to. He also believed that a person who has perfected his thinking could interact with the laws of nature through the active intellect. Gersonides thus thought of himself as creating a rationalist and non-supernatural theology.

In this sense, there is a similarity between Gersonides and Maimonides.

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Shlomo ibn Aderet - in a responsum commonly but mistakenly attributed to Nahmanides - wrote that while one may not ask an astrologer for a prediction, astrology itself is real. He states rules that one must ultimately trust in God, and not in any lesser force, as God can perform miracles to overcome the patterns of nature. As such, he concludes that one is forbidden to ask an astrologer for a prediction, but one may act on the words of an astrologer if advice is freely given. Nahmanides himself wrote that astrology is a real facet of nature, which astrologers can interpret but not reliably; Jews are forbidden to use astrology and instead required to consult prophets, whose word is always reliable.

Maimonides answered an inquiry concerning astrology, addressed to him from Marseilles. He responded that man should believe only what can be supported either by rational proof, by the evidence of the senses, or by trustworthy authority.

He states that he has studied astrology and that it does not deserve to be described as a science. He ridicules the idea that a man's fate could depend on the constellations, arguing that such a theory would rob life of purpose and would make man a slave of destiny. Isaac ben Joseph ibn Pulgar 14th century, Spain was a Jewish philosopher who wrote against astrology.

The Arba'ah Turim , an early code of Jewish law , brings the views of Nahmanides and Maimonides, and concurs with Nahmanides. Moshe Chaim Luzzatto discusses the influence of stars on humanity and events on earth. He gave two reasons for the existence of stars and planets. The first is that stars and planets maintain the existence of all physical things on earth, acting as the means by which spiritual forces are transmitted to physical entities.

The second is that events on earth are also initiated through planetary and stellar activity. Luzzatto states that each earthly phenomenon is assigned to a specific star, which controls it.

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Quoting the Talmudic dictum in Shabbos a — "for Israel, there is no mazal "luck", literally "planet" or "constellation" ", he also states that higher powers i. God or angels may overcome the influences of this system, and that they typically do so for Jews. Luzzatto notes that the laws and rules governing this system of astrological influence are extremely complex, and not easily ascertainable through direct observation; thus astrologers are rarely able to predict the future accurately or clearly.

The accuracy of their predictions is further reduced by the aforementioned propensity of divine providence to intervene and override the system. This, Luzzatto states, explains the use of the word me'asher "something" in Isaiah "Now let the astrologers, stargazers and fortunetellers stand up and tell you something about what will come upon you" ; in Luzzatto's view, this means they can tell you something about the future, but not everything. Strictures against astrology appear in the official Torah commentary of Conservative Judaism and on the official website of Reform Judaism , and a number of Conservative and Reform rabbis have written against the practice.

The opinions of contemporary Orthodox rabbis are divided; some reject astrology altogether, while others continue to follow pre-modern opinions that accept the validity of astrology but limit its practice. However, astrology is by and large nothing more than magic.

The Torah is very clear that we are to steer clear of magicians and practitioners of "witchcraft. The idea that if only we could say the right words or take the right actions, God will give us anything we want is nearly idolatrous. It turns God into nothing more than a tool for us to use when we want something, rather than the majestic creator of the world. Salkin derides astrology as "a new-age trap":. If you visit a Barnes and Noble superstore, you will see what much of American religion has become. There are three bookcases for Judaism; three bookcases for general religion and Christianity; three for general inspiration; two each for Bible, eastern philosophy, and myth; and nine bookcases for New Age.

The New Age menu is diverse, including spiritualism, astrology, and psychic phenomena; alchemy, tarot, goddess worship, and Wicca witchcraft ; out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, and reincarnation: angels, Satanism, and the occult Modern Orthodox rabbis have written against the practice as well, some seeing it as forbidden by Jewish law.

The Torah tells us in Deuteronomy , that when the Jewish people enter the land of Israel, they must not follow the abominable practices of the nations that reside there. It is strictly prohibited to cause a son or a daughter to pass through the fire, to practice divination, astrology, or to visit one who reads omens It is quite extraordinary that Maimonides In a letter to the rabbis of Southern France he distinguishes between astronomy as a true science and astrology which he deems to be sheer superstition.

Many hundreds of years passed until the Western world came to the same conclusion.

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Maimonides boldly declares that in Judaism a person's fate is determined by G-d alone, not by the stars. Wrestling with men: since the days of Abraham, to be a Jew is to be an iconoclast. We challenge the idols of the age, whatever the idols, whatever the age. Sometimes it meant wrestling with idolatry, superstition, paganism, magic, astrology, primitive beliefs. I throw a spear into the darkness.

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