Sagittarius february 13 birthday horoscope 2020


If you are interested in knowing information about past lives, the transit of Mercury retrograde over House XII of Sagittarius, from October 13 to 26, will be favorable for this type of practices, with professional accompaniment. On November 9, Ceres will enter the House IV of Sagittarius, aiming to enjoy the home, reconnect with the family group of origin, and thank the ancestors for their contribution.

The Sun in Sagittarius, from the 21st, confers great vitality to the natives of the sign, and invites them to reconnect with their essence, discover new ways of thinking, and new horizons. Take advantage of this transit to connect with the desires of your soul. From December 01 to 19, Mercury will be moving over House II of Sagittarius, indicating a process of reflection, aimed at determining the best options to diversify sources of income, in a sustainable way over time.


On December 14 the solar eclipse will take place in Sagittarius, a window for the personal reinvention of the natives of the sign, and the planning of the goals they will pursue, during At the beginning of the year, Sagittarius will be more conciliatory and have good communication with their partner. Singles will be more attractive to others.

Couples will renew their agreements. Families will receive joy from their children and single people could start a romance with a slightly eccentric person. In January, the financial and work-related possibilities of the followers of Sagittarius will grow. The natives of this sign will assume leadership positions, but the environment at work will be very competitive. Prepare for new responsibilities, a promotion or change of employer.

At the beginning of the year Sagittarius will have very good health and lots of strength to recover from diseases. While their energy will increase, they must be aware of possible injuries in sports. The end of the first quarter implies a review of your diet and a good exercise plan, according to your condition.

The home environment will become better for these natives in May.

February 13th Birthday Horoscope

They will want to make changes in something in the home. It is a good time of the year for couples.

There will be increased communication and the desire to have experiences together. There will be new challenges and projects that support professional development but lead to economic stagnation. Family businesses and investments with those who are close to you have a positive outlook.

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Business connections that are very beneficial for the followers of the sign could come along. The Sagittarians could overindulge in April. They should try to moderate food, beverages and other substances, which can be harmful in excess. They will become more concerned for their personal image and improve their aesthetic as a way of feeling good. What they need to work on to improve their health, both physically and emotionally, will become clearer.

Love in the third trimester will begin with the Sagittarians being a little sad about present events. As their self-esteem grows, many natives feel that they must leave their fears behind, especially those related to intimacy. In September, a friend could become something else.

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With respect to money, things will be delayed a bit in July. There could be a postponement or delay in payment. There is a possibility to start studying. Projects related to trips, school or work will be more of a focus in August. You will stand out professionally and you may receive the offer to take charge of a team. The centaurs could gain several pounds in July, so you will need to be more careful to eat a balanced diet.


Under it you can see two tables that show how the astrological calendar is divided on the basis of the beginning and end of a sign. The zodiac signs are 12 and then you can read how someone born in October can be the sign of libra or scorpio. Please note that who was born on October 22 might also be sagittarius according to your time of birth.

For this reason it is best to calculate your natal chart accurately and find out the exact degree falls on the Sun which tells us we belong to that sign. You can calculate your natal chart free online in this page. Then come back here and read the characteristics of your sign.

Wealth With pretty bad luck for wealth, you will get very limited and unstable income from work and even suffer losses. As a result, you Tiger people born in need to plan and manage the money use properly, or you will break the pale easily. Under the great financial pressure, you need to deliberate all money matters and never make a decision readily. Otherwise, you will suffer financial losses, lose money or be cheated; just relax and buy safety with the losses!

Career The poor luck for career will keep you away from promotion and salary increase. Though talented and capable, you will find it hard to meet a good judge of talent. However, do work hard and watch your words and deeds, or you will ruin your company's cooperation carelessly. At the same time, seize the opportunity to show yourself, especially the opportunity for business trip, and your efforts will be recognized one day or later.

You entrepreneurs need to be prepared for many setbacks. Love Relationship You Tigers will not be blessed in love relationship this year. For singles, you will find it hard to meet the right one and have to keep your friends' lovers at arm's length to avoid any misunderstanding. For married Tigers, pay more attention to your relationship and care more about your partner. Perhaps your partner often compares you with someone else, making you lose temper and worsening the relationship.

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Therefore, control your temper properly and be more tolerant and understanding to each other. Health When it comes to health, you won't have big trouble. However, the busy work will lead to frequent overtime, eye fatigue and mental stress which will cause hair loss, insomnia and other problems. Keep a close eye on your health and never take it for granted to splurge on health at the excuse of youth.

Develop the good dietary and living habits and condition your body positively since it is the foundation of everything. You will encounter many setbacks in the year; how can you overcome difficulties with poor health?