Vedic astrology marriage

Look for the ascendant of person A and person B, see in what signs they are and what the relationships of these signs are. Also if both ascendants are in the same sign this is a good factor. There are some expections to this rule. Like if both signs are rules by the same planet this is good. Of course, they symbolize different aspects of the relationship for example Mercury symbolizes the communication in the relationship.

I do not think comparing Jupiter and Saturn is very useful unless both people have a big age difference let us say more than 5 years.

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This is because Jupiter and Saturn are slow moving. To find explanations look for the elements the planets are in. An example: If the Moon of A is in Leo and the Moon of B is in Cancer we have a problem because fire and water do not go together well. The relationship will be somewhat better for B then for A.

The Moon of A is in the second house from the Moon of B. Therefore, it is possible that B will drain twelfth house A. You also can analyze planetary pairs. If the Venus of one person is in opposition to the Mars of the other person that will mean strong sexual attraction. This is also the case if the Venus of A conjuncts the Mars of B. A similar rule can be made of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

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If the Sun of one person is in opposition to the Moon of the other person this works well. This is also the case if the Sun of A conjuncts the Moon of B. I do think this is a fruitful and not too difficult method. If you use this method, it is recommended to use the South Indian format which I use in this course because in this format the signs in different charts are in the same place.

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You can see which houses of A are activated by partner B. For example if I have a partner who has a lot of planets that activate my eighth house it is very well possible that I experience her as confrontational. If she activates my ninth house she may broaden my horizon and I may feel great because of her, especially if my ninth house is being activated by her benefics "Yes, I love to go to India with you".

If it is being activated by her malefics it could be that she somehow limits or frustrates the way I would like to broaden my horizon "Oh no, you are again planning a trip to India? What I would like to suggest now is not so much as to use the Tajika method for analyzing a birthchart but to make a comptability analysis using the Tajika method.

The principle is easy. Just look what kind of aspects the planets of A make with the planets of B.

Let us say the Sun of A makes a trine to the Jupiter of B. A the Sun person will feel stimulated by B the Jupiter person. He will note the stimulating Jupiterian energy of B. B the Jupiter person will feel energized or empowered by A the Sun person.